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Automatic Transfer Switches ImageAutomatic Transfer Switch Product Overview

Featuring ASCO & GE Zenith Products
30-4000 Amp

Automatic Switch Company (ASCO)

Automatic Switch Company (ASCO) is a world leader in automatic transfer switch advances. Standby and power transfer solutions are built for the most demanding environments. ASCO products are trusted to safeguard the world's most critical power needs including data and telecommunications networks, industrial processes, health care facilities, and financial transaction centers. In addition to providing quality-driven product innovation for over 70 years, ASCO provides 24-hour nationwide service.

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GE Zenith Controls

GE Zenith Controls expects your company to be up and running every minute of every day, and electricity is the lifeblood of your business.  GE Zenith is your "seven nines" vendor. That means you'll be up and running 99.99999% of the time! For more than 75 years, GE Zenith has been a leader in the design and manufacture of power systems and controls for mission-critical power. Quality equipment, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and power system consulting are provided to make your GE Zenith Controls worry-free in every way.

  • ZBTS Bypass Isolation Series - When critical power cannot be interrupted for maintenance of the transfer switch, a bypass-isolation switch is essential. Ratings 100- 4000 amps. Emergency and standby applications all classes of load.
    • ZBTS-D Bypass Isolation Delayed Transition Series - Meets requirements for inspection and/or maintenance of the delayed transition transfer switch without power interruption. For critical systems such as hospitals and airports.
    • ZBTS-CT Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Series - Provides the ability to withdraw the transfer switch unit for maintenance or inspection. A sophisticated relay protection scheme when conditions are sensitive to generator voltage drop or frequency dips. May be outfitted with a bypass-isolation switch.
  • ZTS Series - The building block of our transfer switch product line. Ruggedly built, available in open construction for switchboard installation or NEMA enclosed to your specs. Ratings 40 to 4000 amps. Suitable for emergency or standby applications on all classes of load.
    • ZTS-D Delayed Transition Series - Strongly recommended by major UPS manufacturers and ideal protection for pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, hospital x-ray equipment, or when large motors, UPS systems and/or transformers make up the bulk of the load.
    • ZTS-CT Closed Transition Series - Applicable when there are concerns about the sensitivity even during a typical 30 to 100 millisecond outage. Examples: electronic equipment, HID lighting, and motor starters.
  • ZTG Series- Designed for standard applications, the ZTG series builds on the ZTS Series while providing pre-engineered project solutions. Intuitive use interface, communications capability, and self diagnostics.
  • ZTX Series - Standby residential and light commercial critical/non-life safety applications. Double-throw, mechanically interlocked contractor mechanism. The ZTX transfer switches are equipped with the MX60 (RM4) Control Panel (module 3) as standard.



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