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WINCO PTO Generator ImagePTO Generators by Winco

DAK Generator Services Inc. offers top-of-the line Winco PTO Generators for home, farm, ranch, and industrial applications. Winco has been manufacturing Power Take-Off (PTO) generators since the 1940's. Over the years, Winco generators have proven their reliability by logging millions of hours during power outages. Winco has grown to be the largest PTO manufacturer in the United States and manufactures PTO generators suitable for everyone from the hobby farmer to large agricultural operations. Winco offers PTO Generators in sizes ranging from 15kW through 150kW, with either 540 or 1000 rpm gear cases available on some models.

Single Phase Specs

Three Phase Specs


Winco PTO Generator Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy Duty Construction: Each generator is built with a solid steel (W15PTOS is aluminum) shell to protect the stator and rotor from damage and to dissipate heat. All models have steel mounting feet to facilitate trailer mounting, foundation, or three-point hitch installation.
  • Heavy Duty Gearboxes: All gearboxes are constructed of cast steel. Winco does not use any aluminum gearboxes. All gears are of a helical design to reduce noise and metal stress while operating much smoother than spur gears.
  • Lifting Eye: Each generator comes with a lifting eye to aid in installation and storage.
  • Sealed Bearings: All bearings are sealed designs that are maintenance free.
  • Mainline Circuit Breaker: All models include a high quality Square D circuit breaker.
  • Full Power Receptacle and Plug: Each generator from 60-350 amps includes standard a full power receptacle and mating plug. Additional convenience receptacles are also provided.
  • Rodent Screen: All models are rodent proof.
  • Buck-Boost Transformer: Each model 35kW to 75kW comes standard with a buck-boost transformer. The buck-boost transformer holds voltages higher during heavy motor starting, which increases the starting capability of Winco PTO generators over automatic voltage regulator controlled models. To illustrate the improved motor starting, the 75FPTOC-4 is capable of starting the same motor load as the Winco AVR controlled W105FPTOT.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): All models 85kW to 165kW have an AVR to electronically control excitation and maintain voltage to +/- 2%.
  • Copper Windings: All windings are 100% copper.
  • PTO Safety Shield: Every PTO generator comes with a factory installed steel safety shield to protect the operator.
  • Accessories: Winco offers a complete line of PTO accessories including PTO shafts, trailers, three-point hitch kits and manual transfer switches.

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