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Briggs & Stratton
Transfer Switch
Package No. 040445

Briggs & Stratton® Transfer Switch options for the
8kW1 - 10kW¹ standby generators include:
• 50 Amp, 10 Circuit Transfer Switch (8kW1 only)
• 100 Amp, 16 Circuit Transfer Switch (10kW1 only)
• 100 Amp Transfer Switch (10kW1 only)
• 150 Amp Transfer Switch (10kW1 only)
• 200 Amp Transfer Switch (10kW1 only)
Most of our transfer switches feature an Air Conditioning
Control Module (ACCM) that manages the load of one or
two air conditioners while keeping household appliances

Flexible, indoor or outdoor, transfer switch placement make it convenient to install. All of our weather-resistant transfer switches are NEMA 3R rated for maximum protection against dirt, rain, sleet and snow.


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